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REZE BONNA, is a trained architect/photographer and music producer/rep of several years experience, who studied and runs a fashion/ architectural photography outfit in South Africa, servicing a number of the agencies in the country. He is fast becoming one of the forces to reckon with in the fashion industry in both Nigeria and South Africa. He has a gift of finding beauty in everyone, and a persona that easily puts his subjects at ease. A stickler for hard work, he doesn’t believe any picture should be taken the same way twice, and would rather often times, push the boundary, resulting in unique and interestingly different images. His training in Architecture, also helps him see images from different perspectives. He has shot in different parts of the world, covering fashion weeks from Africa to Europe. He is a founding member of the group REZolution which is a collective of creative photographers, and a member of the Camera Club of Johannesburg, and the Professional Photographers of America.

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